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[LIVE SPORT] Chinese Taipei vs. North Korea live online 27 September 2023

8 days ago — North Korea marked their return to the global stage with a 2-0 victory over Chinese Taipei in their men's football opener, while hosts China ...

Panelists will explore the economic, political and military relations between these “frenemies” and the implications for U. S. policy in the aftermath of the Trump-Xi Summit in Beijing. Speakers John Park is an Asia security analyst at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he serves as Director of the Korea Working Group and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy. He was the 2012–2013 Stanton Nuclear Security Junior Faculty Fellow at MIT’s Security Studies Program. He previously directed Northeast Asia Track 1. 5 projects at the U. Today, under Xi and a more assertive China, Beijing has become far less supportive of North Korea. Xi has refused to meet with Kim Jong-un, which is unprecedented. And they have supported the stringent Security Council resolutions that have been placed on North Korea for its nuclear program. At the same time, Beijing has resisted applying a total embargo of North Korea or cutting of political and diplomatic ties entirely given the concerns I mentioned at the beginning. As the crisis on the nuclear front deepens with North Korea, Chinese interests are increasingly driven into a dilemma in dealing with this situation. How does the North Korean leadership make money? [Laughter] Michael Swaine: They literally make money. [Laughter] John Park: That's a very, very interesting case study. In the beginning, it was absolutely that. There were super notes. The North Koreans were so good and sophisticated in that. It's all in the public domain now. They would get $1 bills and get rid of the imprint and the dye and use the paper. They somehow perfected the plates in the super notes. They are so good that eventually the treasury department and the US Mint had to redesign the $100 bill. There is also concern that the North Koreans are applying that expertise to counterfeiting the Chinese currency. It looks like it's a transferable skill set. [Laughter] There is also narcotics. From the 1980s, the Soviet patron starts to contract and the North Korean economy contracts dramatically. We also see the first being diplomatic approach to dealing with North Korea in South Korea's policy. This is a phenomenal strategy. South Korea at that time was the darling in the international community at the height of what we would call the soft power that South Korea is projecting. That creates basis of creating light between the United States and South Korea. Third, North Korea's behavior raises the importance of China to talk with the United States and South Korea about contingencies and the dangers presented by the current nuclear situation. Yet Beijing resists doing that. It's caught between understanding the importance of getting an understanding between the United States and South Korea but not willing to engage in official discussions. They don't want to signal to North Korea that they are anticipating the possible collapse of the regime. " Of course, they would say that. They say it by way of asking that the United States in some way, shape, or form let them know before it would actually take a decision to use force against North Korea. China makes all kinds of benign explanations as to why they would want that advance notice, but I doubt they would get it. China worries about that. They're most concerned with what the force threshold is for the United States. They ask about that all the time. Daniel Russel: Before opening the floor up to questions, let me ask John a quick one. [Laughter] I would like to give you a sense about what I think is China's strategic calculus and its interests and policies in looking at the Korean Peninsula and the relationship with the DPRK in particular. As we all know, China's relationship with Korea and the Korean Peninsula, North and South, has changed markedly in important ways since the end of the Korean War. At that time, China was a staunch ally of North Korea providing critical assistance in a variety of ways. It was an implacable opponent to the United States and the South Korean government. Today, I would say it's a qualified supporter of North Korea. Chinese Taipei (w) vs North Korea (w) live score Chinese Taipei (w) vs North Korea (w) live score (and video online live stream) starts on 2013/10/09 at 00:00:00 UTC time in EAFF Women's Games.


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