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Where Can I Buy Thorlo Socks

Drymax lite trail running sock is really good for trail, no inside movement inside the shoes, injinji trail is ok but will slip inside the shoes a bit, i have a thorlo trail running sock which i bought it 3 years ago, very good for trail running but the new thorlo trail running sock quality is totally different, very lousy

where can i buy thorlo socks

After discovering the 84N did not fit my main pair of running shoes, I actually tried them in my casual shoes next, and the fit was perfect! My first ever outdoor test of the socks ended up being a 3-5 mile walk on city sidewalks, and they performed flawlessly.

I love wool socks because they never stink, but I have plenty of synthetic socks that go for years without stinking too bad. It seems these Thorlos socks, at least the trail running ones, start to hold an odor sooner than usual.

The Experia XCCU is a very comfortable sock with no instances of tightness or pinching anywhere. We love the fact that the targeted pads cover all of the areas of potential rubbing, including under the forefoot, over the toes, on the sides of the feet from the arch forward, and around the entire heel cup. There is a thinner grey padding that covers the small area of exposed Achilles tendon above the heel adding support for long days out. We love that the padding is specific to the right areas, without any additional and unnecessary cushion, for example, under the arch.

The Thor-wick Cool fabric in the pads, as well as the polyester and nylon blend throughout the rest of the sock, is super smooth and comfortable against the skin. If we had to be really nit-picky and complain about something (which we do, because all of these socks are top quality), we would say that we wish the end of the toe seam did not come to rest against the outside of our big toe.

If there was one scoring metric where the Thorlo sock under-performed, it would be slip prevention. In very loose shoes the smooth outside of this sock was able to slip a bit when running up and down steep hills, although this was not an issue in tight shoes.

The low cut is a bit of an odd fit, as it rested right across our ankle, rather than above or below it, and we found was ever so slightly prone to slipping downward, depending on the shoes we were wearing. We wish it had a padded tab feature or thicker elastic band to help it stay up. We will concede that these criticisms are a bit harsh for something that really wasn't much of a factor, but in comparison to the performance of the other socks, this one wasn't the best for once.

Not all socks are built the same. With Thorlos's Military Combat Boot Socks, you get a pair of socks built to boost mobility and improve foot health in challenging combat and training conditions. Thorlos uses a unique padding system that supports the natural fat pads found in the bottom of the foot. Thick cushioning in the ball and heel of the sock absorbs shock on impact and helps prevent blisters, while moderate arch cushioning aids in fit and comfort. Moderate cushioning in the instep and shin provides protection from boot pressure and abrasion. For a comfortable, secure fit, the socks wick away moisture and includes spandex in the top of the sock to keep it from sliding or rolling down.

  • In other words, women who are going to put moderate stress on their feet.

  • And those whose feet hurt during or after hiking.

The package also assures me that these socks contain extra stretch yarn in the ankle, a smaller heel pocket, and a roomy toe box because of the unique dimensions of a female hiker's foot.

They are a bit tight at the top, due to extra stitching. If you don't like your socks to stay in place (and leave a bit of an indent on your skin after several hours), skip the liner socks if you wish.

The socks you wear on the tennis court play a meaningful role in your performance. Choose the right socks and you will feel that much more comfortable, avoid blisters, and have more fun playing tennis. Choose the wrong socks and you will struggle to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and blister-free.

The toe seam is remarkably smooth, helping you avoid those blisters that are common after intense tennis matches. These socks are carefully designed to wrap around the foot in a manner that provides just the right fit without the prospect of sliding amidst play.

These socks are a low cut, so be sure to order the right size. If ordered too small, you may experience uncomfortable rubbing against the heel or achilles. That said, Saucony socks do run larger than other brands.

These Adidas socks are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Built with ClimaLite construction, they will wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry. The implementation of arch compression ensures the support and fit necessary to keep your feet in tip-top shape while going all out on the tennis court.

Unlike many other socks that merely provide two size ranges, these socks are available in four unique sizes ranging from small to extra large. Built with elite arch compression, these socks safeguard the arch for added foot stability on the court.

Built with compression from the mid-foot to the plantar fascia for superior arch support, these socks prove quite comfortable. The heel cup is deep yet lightly padded to minimize foot stress and potential abrasion.

Roll Top socks have a somewhat loose diminutive roll at the very top that ensures a comfortable fit. These socks come in different lengths. The roll helps ankle length socks stay above the shoe. On longer roll top socks, the roll can help absorb sweat.

Quarter socks are slightly longer than ankle socks. They help conceal the ankle bone. This style of sock is optimal for individuals most likely to endure heel blisters or achilles issues while playing.

After an exhaustive review of the seemingly countless tennis socks on the market, we have whittled down the pack to the cream of the crop. We favor the Thorlos Tennis Crew Thick Cushion socks. These socks provide superior shock absorption that helps players make it through grueling matches as comfortably as possible. Give them a shot and you will agree they are some of the best socks for tennis.

The Thorlos Outdoor Athelte Sock is designed for those who love running trails. A light mesh surrounds the foot permitting air to circulate. During intense activity, impact pads under the heel, ball, and toes provide next-to-skin comfort while the THORWICK construction helps pull moisture away from the foot. The Athlete Sock gives you padding and cushion right where you need for all-day comfort, while the touch of elastic ensures a foot-hugging fit despite hours on the trail.

From cold weather socks to thinner, sweat-wicking trail running socks the Thorlos Outdoor Collection are some of the more comfortable and best-fitting socks I have tried. The socks offer up many features that will soothe and aid your feet. You can not overvalue a great pair of socks, and the Thorlos Outdoor Collection are absolutely worth taking an adventure in.

Thorlo Level 3 Roll Top Tennis Socks are perfectly sized so you can get comfort without showing off your socks. Heavyweight padding to protect against shock and impact. Extended padding over toe protects against fast stops and starts and lateral movement.

If you have feet that tend to sweat a lot or have a problem with foot odor, then look for socks that are manufactured with X-STATIC fibers. These are help with killing bacteria that lead to odor. For this issue the brand of the sock we most recommend to our patients is the Juzo Silver Sole socks. These socks have tremendous advantages over regular socks, including:

Thorlo Inc. is a family-owned padded-sock manufacturing company based in Statesville, North Carolina. The socks produced by the company commands about 1.1% of the total market of the United States.[1][2]

The technology of engineered padded socks was invented by Jim Throneburg in 1953 and he founded Thorlo Inc. in 1980.[3] During the early years of the company they manufactured socks specially for runners. They later started manufacturing socks with cushy heel padding and low-friction fibers for other activities. Since then, the company expanded its production to 32 different types of socks, specifically designed for sports like basketball, tennis and golf; and other activities like the military training and Western boots. The company also has a production line of casual socks, and lighter-weight socks for performance athletes.[4][5]The company claims to reduce foot pain by 51% based on peer-reviewed clinical research compared to regular cotton socks, that limits both the number and size of sports-related blisters.[1][6]

The goal of tennis and running socks is the same; keep you comfortable and protect your feet from injury. However, the sports are vastly different in their movements, so the socks require different designs.

In tennis, lateral or side-to-side movements and quick starts and stops are common. As a result, a quality pair of tennis socks will provide sufficient padding around the toes and forefoot to ensure comfort and prevent blisters that regularly occur for players in these areas. 041b061a72


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