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You can request them to pay the fixed amount, in this case $20 by adding a standard link to your third-party payment website, like in Google Forms confirmation message. Once your participant enters all their details in the registration form, they will submit it. They then get a thank you/confirmation message upon submission along with the link that you have added. Advantage:- You specify how much your customer needs to pay (For example, httsp:// You can specify the amount to the end of link)- No extra transaction fees on such payment. So, you get to receive the entire amount in your account.Disadvantages:- Your customer may not click on the link or may not pay.- Even if they pay from their third-party payment account or their bank account, they cannot send you their transaction details which you can later map it with the orders that you have collected. For example, a user who used two different email ids, one for registration and another linked with Paypal, there is no way you could identify them under one record.

Forum 1 Methode De Francais Cd 2 Gratuit Added By Request


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