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     When one door closes . . .

                            another one opens. . .  


     I have the privilege of working with people who are always closing a door behind them and opening a new door, to their new Home!  


     Whether you are looking to buy or rent in Metro Boston or the South Shore,  let me help you  


                   . . . Move Home 


 Marge Connors  


  Allison James Estates & Homes of MA, LLC                                  MA Lic.134845                          

Member:   MAR GBAR 

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with Marge 

I am committed to offering a high-level of personalized service to buyers and sellers in Metro Boston and the South Shore.  I understand the local markets, neighborhoods and communities and will be delighted to share my knowledge.

 Let me help you Move Home!

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Kitchen Interior

Keep in mind buying a property is a process. Sometimes a grueling process; like this market!

It's going to take some time, and know that the more you look the more knowledgable you will be.  I like to say "you don't know, what you don't know", meaning, you may 'think' you know what you want but often we don't know until we see it!  

So, I am happy to help you look around until you find it!


Our lives are centered at our Homes.  To decide to sell our home is a big decision that impacts all aspects of our life, especially our emotions.

I am grateful for every opportunity to help my clients navigate the sale of their home and optimize their investment while moving on to their next new adventure.    


Modern Bathroom
Country Style Home
Empty Room
Family Viewing House
Modern Kitchen
House Viewing

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